The genesis of Concur Global Engineering Solutions

"In my past life we had set ourselves very aggressive growth goals. In a meeting we were discussing a problem, which I won't detail out, but suffice by saying that we were missing our mark on some critical aspects of creating a winning customer value proposition. We were batting it around, exploring and trying to get to a solution. I was digging into and placing too much emphasis on trivial and minor details and was being fussy and also frustrated, which happens. I started pushing for answers and outcomes in a manner that made some people uncomfortable on the table."

"Kali, you're being unreasonable! We just do not have the domain capability" someone blurted out.

Uh, oh. Someone just punched the 'you're being unreasonable' button. Namaste.

So I had to ask, Is my manager right? Do we have the competency? Are we being who we want to be? Are we really being UNREASONABLE?

I realized that when it comes to building a successful Global Engineering company, reason and reasonableness are necessary. But they are not sufficient. In engineering if you're going to succeed, you also need to be unreasonable from time to time. If you're going to be any good, you've got to "bust the frame" - when everyone else is solving just the problem that's been posed, you've got to dispense with limits, break rules, and totally ignore 'what's done' and focus on better alternatives. I had to convince my colleagues that in engineering they could do things they didn't think were possible. If one is unreasonable with their technical thinking, solving and optimizing within the existing frame doesn't always work. You've got to understand the mechanics, the end use and also be UNREASONABLE with your thinking.

Kalidas Surapaneni CEO & Managing Director

Our business

  • End-to-End Product Development Services
  • Cost Effective Engineering Services

Our Pedigree

With over 300 man years of deep technical leadership in Mechanical Engineering, Resarch and Development, Manufacturing, Prototyping & Testing and Electrical Engineering we provide a "Powerful Engineering Experience" to our clients and help them realize better products.

Enabling Engineering Excellence

Our technical & business teams think "outside the frame" and develop innovative concepts & business models and help our customer realize the full value of their investments on the four major Global Engineering parameters of Quality, Cost, Speed of Delivery and Innovation.

Industries Served

  • Transportation
  • Industrial
  • Off-highway
  • Energy
  • Power
  • Special Purpose Machinery
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