Design of attachments decides the productivity and ease of operation of the equipment. With our exceptional design and quick fit systems helps more uptime and versatility of the equipment. Concur designs hardworking attachments to perform flawlessly in the most demanding applications.

We have designed attachments like

  • Buckets
  • Side Discharge Loader Bucket
  • Rippers
  • Scarifier
  • Mouldboards
  • Dozing Blades
  • Ground Engaging Tools

Our Attachment design considers

  • Interchangeability between equipment and attachments
  • Design for versatility, reliability and manufacturability
  • Unhindered material flow
  • High maneuverability
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Ease of operation, quick change over, safety and user-friendliness
bucket frameless grader scrape attachment
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Design of tractor mounted scraper

Concur's off-highway domain expertise assists to develop a low cost Tractor Mounted Scraper for an Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer

Design of tractor mounted grader

Concur's off-highway domain expertise assists to develop a versatile Tractor Mounted Grader for an Agriculture Equipment Manufacturer

"...One of their strength is the people who are involved in the project with decades of experience in the real time manufacturing solutions. The team was fast and responsive. The team at Concur India are extremely easy to work with. They take great strides to ensure that the input of the clients are listened to and worked into the overall design. There are many more projects to work together in the future..."

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