Concur designs Axles that deliver reliable performance for off-highway equipment. Our innovative and optimized Axles, offer features and specifications to accommodate application needs of the industry.

We precisely engineer our designs to provide reliable performance, easy service, maintenance and several options to customize the products to suit the application needs. Performance and safety are enhanced with an oil-immersed, fully enclosed multiple disc clutch brakes that provides protection from water, dirt, and other contaminants encountered in construction and mining sites. These brakes helps to keep both equipment and operators safe, working at peak efficiency for extended periods of time by reducing brake wear and noise.

Our designs are used and proven on rear dumpers, motor graders, loaders, low haul dumpers, excavators and dozers.

We use the latest CAD and CAE technology for the digital design and analysis of axles. We work with our partners to provide prototyping, testing services for our customers.

We design

  • Planetary Gears, Differential & Bevel Set
  • Wet multiple disc Brakes & Parking Brakes
  • Bearing Engineering
  • Axle Housing & Axle Shafts
  • Tire Sizing based on the Load, Speed and Application

Our Axle design considers

  • Application & Functional Specification
  • Vehicle Layout
  • Gross Vehicle weight
  • Engine Power
  • Prime Mover Torque/Slip Torque
  • Grade ability
  • Tire Size
  • Total Resistance
  • Tractive Effort
  • Speed
  • Virtual Validation
    • Axle Casing
      • Static and Dynamic Loads
      • Fatigue Life Estimation
      • Draft Analysis
      • Wall Thickness Analysis
    • Gears, Shaft and Bearing
      • Durability Analysis of drive trains
      • Contact Analysis of individual tooth meshes
      • Shaft deflection
      • Transmission error prediction
      • Finite Element Analysis for bending and pitting
      • Gear Analysis
        • Spur and Helical Gear Analysis according to ISO 6336
        • Bevel Gear Analysis according to ISO 10300
      • Shaft Analysis according to DIN 743
      • Bearing Life according to ISO 281
      • Noise & Vibration
  • Standards
    • Brake Design as per ISO 3450
    • Gear Calculation as per AGMA or ISO 6336
    • Casting Development as per IS standards

We build full-scale prototypes and physically test them at NABL approved laboratories for structural strength, durability and vibration.

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Design of Axle for 60 ton Dump Truck

Concur's Drivetrain expertise lead to successful development of an axle for a 60 ton dump truck

Design of Power Take-Off (PTO) Gearbox for a Reach Stacker

Concur drivetrain engineering team helped a leading transmission manufacturing company to develop a PTO with competitive advantage.

"...Concur's design services has been very economical and assignments completed quickly. Their project co-ordination has been good. Their people interface well with our engineers. They are good listeners and delivers models & assemblies as we need them. Their approach was very impressive, we look forward to using them for some of their services such as fixtures and test equipment..."

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