Electrical & Wire Harnessing

Engineering is incomplete without a good electrical and instrumentation team to help in product development and in shop automation. Our team does just that and much more. Apart from helping customers' product and manufacturing shops, Concur's electrical team ensures customer gets reliable, efficient and safe power when needed. With deep knowledge of electrical engineering across industries, we deliver customized, integrated solutions to solve customers' critical challenges. Our engineers focus on maximizing the return on investment, reducing the operational cost and electrical loses through innovative design of the energy distribution systems and optimizing the layouts of high value and critical electrical installations.

Concur Electrical Engineering Services focus on understanding your requirements and engineering a safe and reliable system for an individual product or for an entire plant across wide industry verticals, manufacturing, food, bulk material handling, water, Industrial systems and products

Wire Harnessing Capabilities

  • Electrical System Design
  • Architecture & Schematics
  • Harness routing & channels
  • Component locations
  • Mapping Signal connectivity
  • Building configuration rules
  • DC Simulation
  • 3D Wire Routing, length & Weigh determination
  • Creating & Managing Spools - Wire spools, Cable spools, Sheath spools
  • Creating & Managing Component Library - Connectors, In-line connectors, Splice, Mechanical Components.
  • Technical documents - manufacturing documents, User/service documents

System Design Capabilities

  • Substation & Power System
  • Switchgear Modernization
  • Power Distribution System
  • Control & Protection System
  • Power Factor Correction Systems
  • Generator Backup Design


  • Layout & Design of the installation
  • Sizing Calculations & datasheet generation
  • Creating cable schedules, routing, harnessing drawings and BOMv
  • Vendor development & technical evaluation of vendor quotations

Panel Design, Fabrication & Integration Solutions

  • Raw Power Panels
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels
  • MCC & PCC Panels

Field Support

  • Equipment Installations & commissioning
  • Installation inspection, testing & reporting
  • Annual maintenance & support services
  • Filed & emergency services
  • Vendor identification & technical validation
  • Purchase coordination
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  • Start-up and training
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Control System - Sewage Treatment Plant

Concur's expertise in Electrical & Instrumentation domains assists in running a Sewage Treatment plant efficiently

Localization of Mini Backhoe Loader

Concur localizes the backhoe loader to suit the Indian market, leading to substantial cost benefits

"...We are very much impressed by the creativity and dedication showed by the team at Concur. The team has exceeded themselves in re-engineering but went extra mile by enhancing and refining existing features for the better performance of the system. We liked the professional attitude of the team in fulfilling requirements and happy about the quality of work and timely delivery..."

Managing DirectorLeading Manufacturers of Construction & Mining Equipment - India

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