Power Take-Offs (PTOs) pick up the driving power and make it available to other mechanical devices, e.g. hydraulic gear pump or water pump. We design PTOs for all auxiliary power functions in a variety of gear types, toques, speed ratios and output shafts in multiple variants to suit a wide range of transmissions.

We consider all the salient features required for PTO designs. We undertake detailed study of the available envelops and mounting positions of the PTOs. We optimally position the PTO with focus on serviceability, accessibility and ease of maintenance. We have capability to undertake end to end product development including design, prototype & test for all transmissions available in the market.

We design PTOs for

  • Steering Systems
  • Hoist Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • Earth Moving Attachments
  • Agriculture Implements


We design gear boxes to various industrial application such as machine building, material handling, cranes, process equipment, drilling, heavy engineering and specific industrial requirements.

We study the requirement and applications in detail. We use advanced CAD and CAE tools to design and virtually test before manufacturing. We make hand calculation for the shafts, bearing and gears. We follow and use the AGMA and ISO standards for design of gears. We own the responsibility of design, validate, physically test and develop the eco system for the supply of the components and products.

Design Considerations

  • Output Torque
  • Mounting PTO Interface with the Transmission Unit
  • Matching PTO Gear with standards of the Driving Gear
  • Providing output interface of PTO to match with the standards.
  • Providing lubrication for the PTO arrangement.
  • The required direction of rotation of the PTO shaft.
  • Speed of the rotation
  • Virtual Validation (CAE) for
    • Casing
      • Draft Analysis
      • Wall Thickness Analysis
      • Structural Analysis
    • Gears, Shaft and Bearing
      • Durability Analysis of drive trains
      • Contact Analysis of individual tooth meshes
      • Shaft deflection
      • Transmission error prediction
      • Finite Element Analysis for bending and pitting
      • Gear Analysis
      • Spur and Helical Gear Analysis according to ISO 6336
      • Bevel Gear Analysis according to ISO 10300
      • Shaft Analysis according to DIN 743
      • Spline as per ANSI B92.1
      • Bearing Life according to ISO 281
      • Noise & Vibration
  • Positioning the PTO in the layout optimally
  • Ease of serviceability of the mounting
  • Ease of installation, maintenance and operation
  • Standards
    • J704 - Openings for Six and Eight-Bolt Truck Transmission Mounted Power Take-Offs
    • J722 - Clearance Envelopes for Six-Bolt, Eight-Bolt, and Rear Truck Transmission Mounted Power Take-Offs
    • J2662 - Torque Ratings for Power Take-Off Mounting Pads
    • J2555 - Vehicle Idle Gear Rattle Evaluation Procedure

We build full-scale prototypes and physically test them at NABL approved laboratories for structural strength, durability and vibration.

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