Should costing

Understanding what a product/component would cost, when produced, during early stages will help manage its costs better. In order to get it accurately, we bring together our deep capabilities in manufacturing engineering, process planning and tooling to do cost estimation (Should Costing). Should costing compliments product Development, manufacturing and sourcing functions.

This crucial function is staffed with domain experts having rich experience in manufacturing and supported by enabling technology and tools.

Should costing scientific approach

Our team of engineers develop cost models based on activity based methodology. For this, our engineers work with customers to understand the part/product and define accurate, practical and manufacturing realistic process and planning. Process plan thus derived is critical to get accurate costs and the costs are classified into Manpower, Machines, Methods (Process, Measurements, Materials, Tooling) and Miscellaneous (Overheads).

Our services could help customers at various stages of product life cycle and can be classified as:

  • Concept should costing: helps understand what the concept could cost when realized.
  • Development should costing: helps with cost out opportunities during the development stage
  • Should costing: helps with sourcing and continuous cost reduction initiatives

Key Features

  • Comprehensive analysis of processes & technologies for possible optimization ( i.e. Labour, Cycle time)
  • Modular and activity based approach to costing with proprietary templates
  • Knowledge base, Strong database and matured methodology & processes

Benefits to Customer

Concur's Should costing solutions deliver value to customer across the lifecycle. Our teams have helped customer in realizing benefits in bettering target costs, reduce manufacturing and supply-chain costs and avoid costs during design phase:

  • In an complete machinery development involving 600 designed parts - a saving of $15000 was achieved.
  • Gear box design was achieved with 22% lower costs compared to competing product

Inputs Required

  1. Detailed specifications (depending on the lifecycle of the product)
    1. Early in the cycle
      1. Concept sketches
      2. Functional & Performance Specs
      3. Material & planned process
    2. Development Cycle
      1. Detailed drawings
      2. All documents of early cycle
    3. Sourcing & continuous improvement
      1. Constraints
      2. All documents of development cycle


  1. Should costing report
  2. Process documentation
    1. Routing
    2. Setup
    3. Machine & run time on it
    4. Process time
  3. Tooling Sheets
  4. Material data sheets
Conventional & High Speed
Milling Shaping
Turning Boring
Grinding Screw Machining
EDMing Drilling
Reaming Tapping
Sawing Broaching
Gear Hobbing Deburring
Surface Skim (Face)(Rough or Finish
Profile (Edge) (Rough or Finish)
Pocket (Rough or Finish)
End Mill Slot Angled Faces
T Sections Stringer Run Out
Injection Molding Rotational Molding
Thermoform Molding
Sand Casting Die Casting
Investment Casting
Board Fabrication
PCB Assembly/Solder
Gas Flame Welding
Arc, MIG, TIG Welding
Electron Beam Welding
Spot Welding
Adhesive Bonding
Shears - Brakes - Punches
Turret - Laser Cut
Gas Flame Cut - Plasma Arc cut
Dedicated Tool & Die
Prograssive Die - Spin Forming
Tube Bending - Plate Roll Bending
Air Gun Spray Thermal Spray
Electrostatic Vacuum Metaliz
Dip Chromate/Phosphate
Electrocoat Electroplate
End Prep
Pressure Test
Aggregate Subordinate Work Elements
Organizing operations into routing steps
Separating alternative methods for comparision
Pressure Test
Enables to incorporate purchased parts into assemblies, "Bill of materials" item
Model any operation in tems of:
  • Setup Time
  • Rework Time
  • Direct Time
  • Material Cost
  • Material Cost
  • Inspection Time
  • Tolling Cost
Use custom calculation template to insert parameters and equations
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