Structural design is the methodical investigation of the stability, strength and rigidity of structures.

The basic objective of structural design and analysis is to produce a structure capable of resisting all applied loads without failure during its operations and intended life.

The structural design involves establishing the loads and forces acting on equipment where structure is subjected to thrust, shear, bending and twisting and combination of loads as well as deflection, strain, stress intensities and reactions produced by loads.

Finally comes the proportioning of shape, size and selection of materials for the members and connections to respond adequately to the effects produced by the loads and operating conditions.


Main frame is the backbone of an off-highway equipment & this needs to be designed for durability, flexibility and versatility. We design the chassis/frame to take care of bending and torsional loads encountered during operation of the equipment.

We build full-scale prototypes and physically test them at NABL approved laboratories for structural strength, durability and vibration.

Our Experience

  • Dumper frames
  • Loader frames
  • Backhoe frames
  • Motor grader rear frame and front booms- Rigid and Articulated
  • Excavator booms
  • Dozer arms
  • Frame for Aircraft weapon loader and frame for Aircraft towing tractor
  • Upper carriage Under carriage of excavator
  • Super structure like fenders, catwalks and platforms

Design Criteria

  • Forces acting on the frame such as Bending, Torsion, Combined bending and torsion, Lateral & Longitudinal loads
  • Load bearing capacity, sectional modulus and torsional rigidity
  • Size, shape, mass and CG
  • Design to available materials, DFMA and build time
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Design of Flatbed platform of 8x8 defense truck

Concur's structural engineering expertise helped a defense equipment supplier to develop an optimized flatbed structure for an 8X8 at 15% less the targeted cost.

Localization of Mini Backhoe Loader

Concur localizes the backhoe loader to suit the Indian market, leading to substantial cost benefits

"...We are very much impressed by the creativity and dedication showed by the team at Concur. The team has exceeded themselves in re-engineering but went extra mile by enhancing and refining existing features for the better performance of the system. We liked the professional attitude of the team in fulfilling requirements and happy about the quality of work and timely delivery..."

Managing DirectorLeading Manufacturers of Construction & Mining Equipment - India

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