Hydraulic Systems

Concur hydraulics team is pioneer in designing and developing energy efficient, economical, custom hydraulic systems for various for industries - Offshore, Off-highway, Automotive, Power Generation and Machine Tools. Our solutions are focused around safety, reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Concur offers turnkey hydraulic solution from concept engineering to development and testing.

We understand Hydraulics industry's need for a new class of electric and electronic controls for open-circuits, to help perform multiple tasks on the same machine, with minimal additional cost and without affecting the intended performance. A backhoe loader is an excellent example where such a system is implemented - software handles the control instead of relying on a bank of valves to manage hydraulic power.

This potentially reduces size and weight while permitting smoother motion with higher precision and repeatability. Electronic controls also lead to higher operating efficiencies and usually offer better value than standard load-sense controls. For all these reasons, electronic pump controls are gaining rapid acceptance among OEMs and users. The approach, as well as the underlying hardware and software, have significantly changed in recent years, giving OEMs more versatility, superior control and even options like wireless monitoring.

Our Hydraulic design engineers understand the design in the new paradigm and devise the solutions accordingly.

We offer custom solutions for

  • Off-Highway Equipment
  • Offshore equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Test Rigs
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Lubrication System
  • Filtration System
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Industrial Automation

Hydraulics System Design for Off-Highway

  • Steering system
  • Hydraulic for work attachments
  • Optimized actuators for work attachments
  • Hoist system
  • All hydraulic braking system
  • Hydrostatic drives
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Localization of Mini Backhoe Loader

Concur localizes the backhoe loader to suit the Indian market, leading to substantial cost benefits

Development of 80 Ton Chip Compactor

Concur assists a leading machine tool peripherals company to successfully launch a metal chip compactor for the Indian market

"...We consider Concur team as our partner for design and development work, who has proven to be creative in design and development, reliable in time commitments, and overall consistent in meeting our expectations. The attitude of the team was inspiring and information communicated in a professional and timely manner. we recommend this team for our future projects..."

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