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As the world markets have opened up, the "One Product for Global Market" is no longer a wining strategy for product companies. Globalization has made product companies to think beyond national boundaries. Added to this complexity are technology enhancements, shortened product lifecycles, increasing customer demands for high quality low cost products and newer product mix demand to suit these new local market needs. Innovation & Competition are moving at a faster pace, while the investors & stake holders are demanding better growth & higher profitability. Companies, both large and small, are finding it difficult to handle this complexity and connect all these pieces.

Driving business growth in new markets requires combining Global engineering know-how with local market knowledge on product needs, compliance, testing and cost effective sourcing.

Concur Global Engineering Solutions synchronizes the functional needs of any product with its engineering, prototyping & testing, compliance & certification related challenges and helps realize your product at your target price & quality. To support these activities Concur Global Engineering Solutions has a strong team of domain experts and a strong global partner eco system for prototyping & testing your products for various markets.

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Localization of Mini Backhoe Loader

Concur localizes the backhoe loader to suit the Indian market, leading to substantial cost benefits

Localization of Motorized Rice Transplanter

Concur collaborates with a social enterprise to build a rice transplanter for the Indian market

"...We are working with Concur Global Engineering Solutions as our design and development partner for the design of our various innovative products. We are impressed with their design, FEA Simulation work, market literature research, benchmarking and design calculations. We also found that for the services provided they offer a competitive pricing structure. Concur has proven to us that, they are reliable and efficient engineering service provider. The quality and delivery of their service is excellent and they are playing an active role in the design improvements of our products..."

General Manager - Innovation & Quality Leading Manufacturer of Ground Engaging Tools (Construction & Mining) - Australia

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