Experience gained by the concur team working with leading global OEMs and expertise in advanced analysis tools enables us to deliver solutions on powertrain integration engineering, solutions on heat and mass transfer, thermal management, noise and vibration, structural engineering.

Powertrain integration engineering is critical to achieve higher fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and higher product performance. Powertrain layout design focuses on the compatibility of engine, transmission, axles and vehicle to achieve the highest performance while taking consideration of vibration, noise, maintainability, safety and dynamic clearance. Our design includes advancements in powertrain technologies - electronic throttle control, turbocharger, variable valve timing and exhaust gas recirculation to meet the energy regulations, emission norms, and reliable performance.

Powertrain Engineering Solutions

  • Powertrain layout
  • Aggregate engineering & selection - Engine, Transmission, Axles, Brakes and tyres
  • Advanced CAE & CFD
  • Powertrain testing

Our CAE & CFD services includes:

powertrain powertrain
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Design of Power Take-Off (PTO) Gearbox for a Reach Stacker

Concur drivetrain engineering team helped a leading transmission manufacturing company to develop a PTO with competitive advantage.

Value Engineering of Rotary Head Gearbox

Concur drivetrain expertise helped to improve the reliability of the Rotary Head Gearbox

"...We are working with Concur Global Engineering Solutions as our design and development partner for the design of our various innovative products. We are impressed with their design, FEA Simulation work, market literature research, benchmarking and design calculations. We also found that for the services provided they offer a competitive pricing structure. Concur has proven to us that, they are reliable and efficient engineering service provider. The quality and delivery of their service is excellent and they are playing an active role in the design improvements of our products..."

General Manager - Innovation & Quality Leading Manufacturer of Ground Engaging Tools (Construction & Mining) - Australia

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