Jigs & Fixtures

We recognize that a good process layout coupled with tooling will determine the success of lean manufacturing. Our tooling expertise covers all the applications of palletizing and holding work pieces for manufacturing & assembly operations, machining operations like of milling, boring and drilling for Vertical & Horizontal machining centres. Checking fixtures our tooling designs provide reduction in tack time, higher manufacturing throughput through reduced cycle times by reduced Optimising load/unload times, process time and inspection time.

We design Jigs & Fixtures for the following applications

  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Inspection & Testing
  • Service

We adopt a three stage process for design and manufacturing of Jigs & Fixtures

  • Conceptualization
    • Drawing study: Operational details & sequences, Part Tolerances, Finish, Material, Size and shape and any special considerations.
    • Optimization of Setup time - No of setup, setup method, Change over system, output rate
    • 4th axis (Indexer)
    • Fixture size & weight
    • Part orientation & resting
  • Sub-System Design & Integration
    • Process calculations
    • System selection: Mechanical, Hydraulic or Pneumatic
    • Hydraulic/Pneumatic operating pressure
    • Part Holding & support aggregates - Type of clamps, Cylinders, work support
    • Part supporting details and Hydraulic/Pneumatic elements
  • Sub-System Design & Integration
    • Hydraulic / Pneumatic circuit: Elements Sequence valve, flow control valve
    • Hydraulic power pack: Continues/Intermittent and Single/double stack
    • Air seating
    • Clamping sequences
    • Handling
    • Electrical integration
    • Safety requirements
    • Tool fouling
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